Автор: Sofia "The Winged Shadow" Zernikel
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The Blackberry Monster

55.9kb 356x500

The Blackberry Monster dwells in the blackberry bushes and preys on little children who eat too much blackberries. Original most likely to be sold on EF this year.

Deira on a branch for lack of original title

88.6kb 561x400

Deira in her wingless form lying on a branch. Must be a big tree. The only thing I like about it is her expression, the branch is crap.

Deira and her familiar, Gljuk

84.5kb 514x400

A little bit of explanation needed here... Deira sees a strange thing floating in the air and says all like wtf "Who are you?" The floating thing answers wondrously "I am Gljuk (somewhat of a halluzination, a program bug)" For those who don't know - it is Russian, my native language.

Kir'Naa ACEO

23.6kb 210x300

A Kir'Naa (a species from my world project) flies upon misty mountains in the morning. (Too many m-words.) Original most likely to be sold.


49.1kb 289x400

A portrait of a character from a world project of mine.

Original eventually to be sold on EF this year.

76.5kb 565x400

With this picture I discovered gouache paint as my favourite medium. I also found out that I actually can paint detailed backgrounds if I try. I love every detail in this picture.

Badge for Draconius

55.6kb 446x300

A commissioned badge for Draconius. One of my favourites.

Portrait for Tsalin

28.4kb 245x300

A commissioned portrait.

Enchanted Forest (Commission for Tsalin)

36.2kb 367x400

One of my very first commissions. Experimenting with toned paper and mixing pastels and crayons. Not so bad, but could be better. This is only a part of the image, which didn't fit in the scaner.

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