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Ahkah the Red

72.5kb 449х647

Watercolor & Graphite

Anthro Draco

70.3kb 456х575

I so love Draco, so I drew an anthro likeness of him. PRINTS AVAILABLE! - Graphite & Watercolor

A Shiney Perch

54.3kb 459х786

This was going to be a new image for my mainpage, but I decided to leave it as is. - Graphite & Photoshop

Love Me

242.7kb 686х856

My two dragon characters, Kojirio (the dark blue one) and Umi sharing a romantic moment - Graphite & Photoshop


116.9kb 472х577

A young WaterDragon practicing his skills in the magical arts. - Watercolor, Color pencil & Ink


117.1kb 589х729

An older gift picture for Sidian that I finnished up. - Graphite


29.6kb 667х265

A gift for Goldenwolf, who's art I greatly admire - Ink & Photoshop

PoeticDragon Modelsheet

210.5kb 1020х788

Commissioned by Claire Fox - Graphite, Ink & Photoshop

Trade Lisa Ommert

115.3kb 620х836

Daragon for the Seppenator.

You are my wings

143.8kb 600х492

Commissioned by the winner of my Valentines Day Romance Auction :) - Graphite

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